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100% Organic Kala Zeera with no added chemicals or pesticides, cultivated in the forests of Kinnaur.


Kala Zeera or Black Caraway is a special spice that grows in the highlands of Kinnaur at the altitude of 8000 to 8500.

Endowed with medicinal properties, its rich aroma and characteristic taste adds an incredible flavour to your food. Traditionally recommended for breastfeeding mothers and diabetes patients. It also helps manage immune disorders. 

Known to be beneficial in treating common cold, insomnia, abdominal pains and also promotes weightloss. It can also be used in your day to day cooking.

Kala Zeera

SKU: 0006
Weight: Regular (100gm)
    • 100 % Organic
    • Non-GMO
    • Helps maintain cholesterol levels
    • Diabetic-Friendly.
    • Prevents indigestion and abdominal pains
    • Cures common cold

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