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A Tale from the Mountains


The slopes of district Kinnaur are engulfed with wild forests, lush orchards, and picturesque hamlets. Situated high in the Himalayas, the conditions are harsh, and vegetation is thus sparse.


While the district is mostly famous for the everlasting sweetness of its apples, the organic grains harvested by local farmers, close to their tribal roots; who also brave the conditions are so rich in nutrients and medicinal values that it is an injustice on both your body and taste buds if you deny yourself of their pleasure. Extracted by hand using the traditional methods and without the use of preservatives, the oils, kidney beans, buckwheat, and rice are a healthier alternative to the food that city people usually must manage with.

The Kinnauris

Inspired wholly by the idea of staying true and connected to my roots, Kinnauri Essentials is something that came to me as an au naturel in hand. Focusing on the authenticity our hand-grown products bring, we, at Kinnauri Essentials, promise an absolute absence of artificial additions in all that we create. Working with local people and small-scale farmers, the purity of our products remains well intact and simple, ensuring that we deliver the products in the same way that we source them.

As a new mother and an avid user of these products since my childhood days, I understand the value of unadulterated authenticity and aspire to deliver the same through Kinnauri Essentials, making it to be a true representation of the emotions of our people as well as the finest traditional ingredients that go into our production.


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Purity Guaranteed
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Ethically sourced
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100% Natural
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